Silence on the Battlefield

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The real title of this work is "Morning on the Battlefield", and it is normally a place of silence and peace.  At one time, it wasn't, as it is the place the bloodiest battle in American History took place.  You can read all about the Battle of Shiloh here.  


The battlefields are even more silent today, as our government has decided during their shutdown to close our parks.  I started traveling the hour + drive to Shiloh almost a year ago.  I went for the eagles originally.  But as time passed, I went for other reasons.  I went just to sit in the silence, to enjoy the sounds of nature instead of traffic, horns, sirens, lawnmowers, weedeaters, blowers, etc.  I've gone to other parks too, in order to escape our world filled with excess noise.  But Shiloh is by far the quietest and most peaceful place I've been.  And now, I can't go, because there are barricades placed at the entrance where there normally are no gates.  Thanks to our friends in Washington.


I have big plans as the trees turn colors and the summer turns into Autumn.  Plans to travel to Shiloh as the leaves begin to fall and photograph its beauty during my favorite time of year.  I've been planning this for a year.  I have each spot I want to make sure to take photos mapped out.  And I don't know if I'll be able to bring you that beauty and share it with you.  Because we're all locked out of this land -- this memorable place -- which you and I pay for with our tax dollars, and which the Americans who fought there back in 1862 paid for with their lives.


I don't know how long this shutdown will last.  I don't know how long our congress men and women and our president will continue to take away the one shred of true peace and tranquility some of us have to experience.  But I do know this...come time to vote, I'll be voting only for those who were not in office during this event.  I don't want people in office who behave like this.  I want people in office who will try to bring peace to our country and make this world a better place.  


For now, you can enjoy this beautiful, foggy morning on the battlefield through my photography.  And when we are allowed back on our property, I hope you will plan a visit to Shiloh, Tennessee to learn about the history and to experience it for yourself.  Because it is a great place to go, even if only for a short time.


This art is available here.  Seven (7) signed and numbered, limited editions are available as well, if you want to create a large place of peace and remembrance of history in your environment.




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I am a photographic artist living in Tennessee, and I love to spend my days in nature capturing life's most serene and peaceful moments, whether it be in landscapes, watching birds and wildlife, or simply enjoying the beauty of a simple flower. I hope you enjoy my work, and that it will bring a moment of serenity into your day. --Jai Johnson 


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