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Original Photography By Jai Johnson
Like Jai's photos? Our affordable licensing agreement gives you the right once you purchase to print one item per photo purchased {a canvas, a pillow, a phone case, etc} for your own personal use. If you're an artist using textures, creating digital art, or someone who needs a reference photo for a traditional painting project, our license allows you to create your own derivative work for personal or commercial use. If you publish a magazine and need photos for your articles, the licensing covers that as well. And websites/blogs will also enjoy using our photos under our royalty free license, too. Find out the details: These photos are offered under a Royalty Free Licensing Agreement for both personal and commercial use. Read the Licensing Agreement here.

Stock photo purchasing information: After choosing photos and adding them to the cart, you will be asked to accept the licensing agreement before purchasing. After accepting the agreement and finalizing your purchase, you will be able to download your selections all at once, or individually. An email will also be sent to you with download links.
Male Eastern Bluebird On BranchMale Eastern Bluebird In FlightMale Eastern BluebirdMale Eastern Bluebird Perched On Yellow RopeMale Eastern Bluebird Perched On Metal PostBluebird Eating Purple BerryBluebird On A Tree StumpBluebird Hanging On Berry BranchBluebird In Berry BushMale Bluebirds Fighting On GroundMale Bluebirds Fighting On GroundMale Bluebirds Fighting On GroundBluebird Perched On Antique Candle HolderBluebird Perched On Basketball GoalBluebird In The Berry BushBluebird In The Berry BushBluebird In The Berry BushMale Eastern Bluebird On RoofMale Eastern Bluebird On Branch Looking UpMale Eastern Bluebird On Branch