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I'm thrilled to announce my prints and products are now available via Deck The Walls, The Great Frame Up, and the Framing and Art Centre, thanks to a new partnership with Fine Art America (my premium printer) and the three franchises!

Deck the Walls and The Great Frame Up have hundreds of retail stores located in malls and shopping centers throughout the United States, and the Framing & Art Centre is the largest framing franchise in Canada. Fine Art America has partnered with all three companies in order to power their e-commerce websites and in-store kiosks. The partnership enables all three franchises to sell my art as framed prints, canvas prints, greeting cards, throw pillows, and more.

The three franchises, combined, have 150+ retail locations throughout the United States and Canada. Each location is home to passionate framing professionals with decades of experience in the art and framing business. Just visit your local store and using their store kiosk, search for me {Jai Johnson}, and select your favorites from my galleries. Purchases can be shipped unframed to your local shop for the finishing touches, or Fine Art America can ship the fully-assembled product directly to you, if desired.

If you don't have one of these stores near you, you can always order directly from my shop online and feel confident with a 100% guarantee as well. 

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New blog! https://jaiart.zenfolio.com/blog/2015/6/new-blog Hi everyone, I just wanted to let you know I've started a new blog for Featured Art on JaisJewels.Com - check it out here for daily featured art!  

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About Our Signed Canvas Prints https://jaiart.zenfolio.com/blog/2015/4/about-our-signed-canvas-prints

jai@jaisjewels.com (Jai Johnson | Photographic Artist) canvas prints giclee giclee prints prints signed prints https://jaiart.zenfolio.com/blog/2015/4/about-our-signed-canvas-prints Sun, 19 Apr 2015 13:21:05 GMT
New Licensing Affiliation https://jaiart.zenfolio.com/blog/2015/2/new-licensing-affiliation


I am thrilled to introduce my new licensing affiliation with Art Licensing International!  It's a pleasure to be in the company of such amazing artists.  You can read my introduction here and see all the work available for licensing in the gallery on their website.

jai@jaisjewels.com (Jai Johnson | Photographic Artist) art licensing art licensing international licensing https://jaiart.zenfolio.com/blog/2015/2/new-licensing-affiliation Tue, 10 Feb 2015 13:45:29 GMT
What's New In The New Year? https://jaiart.zenfolio.com/blog/2015/1/whats-new-in-the-new-year


Just a couple of updates:  We have discontinued artist signed paper prints, and have replaced them with artist signed canvas prints.  Prints are available in two sizes (small and large) for select images.  Retired images are not offered as signed prints, but are still available on our some of partner websites under "Buy Prints and Gifts" on our main menu.


We have discontinued offering greeting cards from this website.  Greeting cards may still be purchased via our artist website and from some of our other partner websites.


We have added duvet covers for select images via our artist website.



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Who Loves Throw Pillows? https://jaiart.zenfolio.com/blog/2014/12/who-loves-throw-pillows


If you love throw pillows as much as we do, you're in luck!  Just added to the website last night under the "Buy Prints & Gifts" selection on the upper menu are fabulous throw pillows in a variety of sizes with my art for any image in any of the galleries on the website!  


Sizes available include:  14"x14", 16"x16", 18"x18", 20"x20", a whopping 26"x26", AND a nice lumbar support pillow at size 20"x14".


Choose the pillow size you desire, and then you can click on the pillow image to move the art around on the pillow and position it just the way you wish.  You can change orientation, also.  You can move the image size slider if you want to adjust the size of the final image on your pillows.  AND you can choose whether you want the pillow insert or not.  This choice is great, because if you already have throw pillows at home you simply want to recover, just measure your pillows and order the correct size without the insert.  The art is printed on both the front and back of the pillows, and there is a concealed zipper.  Simply unzip and stuff with the pillow you want to recover.  When it comes time to clean your pillow, unzip the case and toss it in the wash.


Pillows are made from 100% polyester fabric and add an artistic statement to any room.  Click here to see all of our throw pillows available!

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Hello December! https://jaiart.zenfolio.com/blog/2014/12/hello-december

A Bowl of Holiday Bounty


I've noticed every December, new things come about.  I guess it's because I have ideas of changes I'd like to make starting in the new year, but then I want to get going on those changes right away! Who says you need to wait until January? :)


One of my big new changes is I have just signed a contract with a new licensing agency for my work.  Yeah!  I look forward to many new opportunities with this company {who will be announced soon}!  


And there's a bit more news...I've had so many people ask me if they can buy my hand-painted chalk textures.  So I decided to start offering them for sale.  I've created a new blog on my other website just to highlight these textures.  You can visit The Daily Texture here, where I showcase a new texture each day and show examples of how I've used the texture.  If you want to skip the blog and go right to the gallery to purchase the textures, click here.


Of course being the holiday season, December is a time of lots of yummy goodies.  And then in January everyone goes on a diet and makes health changes.  I've been having some trouble with one of my knees this month, so I've decided to make my health changes now rather than wait until January.  After all, I chase hawks and eagles and deer around daily...so I have to be in good shape!


Here's hoping each and every one of you has a happy holiday season.  Blessings to you all!




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Spend More Time With Your Passions https://jaiart.zenfolio.com/blog/2014/11/spend-more-time-with-your-passions

"Blue is Beautiful"


Recently, I had someone tell me they didn't like birds {I know, can you imagine?} and they thought I should photograph more things.  Knowing this person, I'm assuming they meant "things", like people {babies, kids, families}.  But that's not where my passion lies.  And here's the way I see it -- when you spend time with what you're passionate about, you: smile more, laugh more, are kinder to those around you, and have a zest for life that makes you want to get out of bed in the morning jumping for joy.  When you spend the bulk of your time with something you're not passionate about, you:  dread getting up every day, snap at others, are tense a good bit of the time, and can't remember the last time you smiled.


Almost 2 years ago, I quit a part-time job I had which I was clearly not passionate about.  Leaving that job and its negative environment - I have to say - was the best decision I ever made.  I devoted myself to my own work full-time, and was thrilled at first.  As things progressed, I found myself sliding into the "doing what others say I should be doing" trap from time to time.  And I noticed something profound...when I spent time on those things which I was clearly not passionate about, I had those same feelings, attitude, and general demeanor I had just as if I were still working at that job I'd quit.  It wasn't until this year I realized just how important it is to focus on the things I'm passionate about within my field of work as well.


Photographing people is one of those things I'm just not passionate about.  I could do it -- I just don't want to.  Even if it means I could earn a better living by photographing people.  It's not what I want to do, and it leaves me with an "I don't like my job" feeling.  It didn't take me long to figure that out, and now I have no problem saying if it doesn't have fur or feathers, I'm not interested, but thanks.  I will happily refer them to someone I know who does "do people".  And I'll stick with my birds and animals, because they are something I'm truly passionate about.  :)


Another trap I fell into was thinking I had to spend my time doing many other things I'm not passionate about in relation to my work.  Having my work on a variety of websites is a good thing, but often you'll hear in order to be successful on those websites, you need to spend oodles of time working the systems of the various websites {specifically the liking/commenting/networking aspects} in order for your work to become popular enough to sell, and sell well.   I've spent 11 months now doing this on one specific website.  Not only am I not that passionate about it, but I find the reciprocation which is supposed to happen, doesn't happen much of the time.  


Somewhere along the line, there was a huge shift in the amount of time I spent on this compared to the amount of time I spent on producing new work.   I believe it was the fact I was spending 75% of my time doing these networking tasks, and only 25% of my time creating new work, that made me stop smiling.  Or maybe it was the fact 1/2 or more of the others participating didn't do their part which made me frown?  Let me tell you though, the real reason it's made me extra unhappy is the lack of increase in sales {in fact, on this website, sales have significantly decreased}.  The more I've done to network and share and like and comment {hoping to get the same in return, which I did sometimes, but nowhere near the amount I've put in}, the less my sales are from this particular website.  Therefore, I've made an executive decision {I'm the boss...I can do that!} to reverse my ratio of time.  I do not have to spend 75% of my time behind a desk doing what I consider administrative tasks.  What I do best is CREATE.  It's what I'm most passionate about.  Therefore, creating should take up 75% of my time.  Not the other way around.


I realize with every business, there are things one must do they don't really enjoy doing.  But those things don't have to take over, and they shouldn't be so overbearing that they take away from the joy of why you do what you do in the first place.  When they take over, the suck the passion out of the soul, and it's just not supposed to be that way.  


Speaking of something else I'm totally passionate about, I have something special to announce!  I'm spending more time painting my chalk textures, which up to this point, I've used exclusively in my own work.  I'd had so many requests from other artists and photographers for these textures, I've decided to offer them for sale to the public.  But that's not all...I've also decided to paint one new texture each and every day!  So I've started a new blog focused only on this project, and if you like these textures, you might be interested in visiting The Daily Texture.


I hope you, too, will spend more time with your passions in life and will find yourself smiling more each and every day!





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Road Trip in Autumn https://jaiart.zenfolio.com/blog/2014/11/road-trip-in-autumn We traveled from Jackson, TN down to Shiloh, TN last week, and as usual, I spent the entire trip shooting photos at 65mph.  It was almost daylight when we left the house at 6am.  My goal was to get to Shiloh just after daylight to photograph the deer before they went into hiding for the day.  I thought my viewers would enjoy this array of artistic photos I've created of the country scenes from my sunrise drive.  At the end I've included a sneak peek of a few of my deer photos from the trip.  I hope you enjoy it!

Quiet At The PondQuiet At The PondThe pond on the cattle farm is quiet as the sun begins to rise. It's a little too cold for the usual early morning swim today. Maybe later, after it warms up.

Greeting the SunGreeting the SunEvery morning, I'll be the first in the tree, as the morning sun rises, cheerfully greeting me.

First One OutFirst One OutIt's tempting to believe the first deer who comes out of the woods in the morning is the bravest and the boldest. But perhaps, she's just the hungriest.

Morning RunMorning RunA morning run is good for the soul.

Just After SunriseJust After SunriseI love the quiet time just after sunrise when no one else is up and the deer are happy to see me.

P.S.  Click on any of the photos to purchase prints and cards. Or Visit my gallery here for more print styles, greeting cards and phone cases.

jai@jaisjewels.com (Jai Johnson | Photographic Artist) country scenes landscapes shiloh tennessee https://jaiart.zenfolio.com/blog/2014/11/road-trip-in-autumn Sat, 08 Nov 2014 17:09:09 GMT
Jai Johnson Releases Six New Owl Images https://jaiart.zenfolio.com/blog/2014/11/jai-johnson-releases-six-new-owl-images

Tennessee wildlife photographer Jai Johnson releases six new owl images in her growing collection of birds of prey art. Added this week are works featuring the Barred Owl, the Great Horned Owl, and a delightful Red Eastern Screech Owl. All of these owls were photographed in west Tennessee by the artist. Signed prints are available on the artist's website. See the entire owl collection here, where a variety of fine art print styles are available.

jai@jaisjewels.com (Jai Johnson | Photographic Artist) barred owl eastern screech owl great horned owl owl owl art owls screech owl tennessee owls https://jaiart.zenfolio.com/blog/2014/11/jai-johnson-releases-six-new-owl-images Sun, 02 Nov 2014 12:08:15 GMT
Win A Bald Eagle Coffee Mug https://jaiart.zenfolio.com/blog/2014/10/win-a-bald-eagle-coffee-mug

Win a Bald Eagle Coffee Mug! 

Love the beauty of the Bald Eagle? Want to start your day every morning with a hot cup of coffee and a vision of strength, perseverance and courage? Enter to win a Bald Eagle Coffee Mug featuring your favorite Bald Eagle Art by artistic photographer Jai Johnson!

Here's How To Enter:

Visit the Bald Eagle Art Gallery on JaiArt.Com and review the images in the gallery.

Leave one comment on each of your favorite image(s). For your entry to be valid, be sure to include your email when leaving your comments (email is only visible to our website staff). Each comment constitutes ONE (1) entry into the drawing. Only one comment per image, please. 

Deadline for entry is November 30, 2014.

On or about December 1, 2014, one (1) winner will be randomly chosen from all valid entries, and the winner will receive a coffee mug featuring one of their favorite bald eagle images! Winner will be contacted via email and asked for a mailing address at that time. Winner must respond to the email within three (3) days or an alternate winner will be chosen. Coffee mug will be shipped direct to the winner from Society6.Com.

Don't want to wait to see if you win? Shop Jai's store on Society6 now for a wide variety of art prints, mugs, tote bags, phone cases, home decor and other fun gifts.

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Inspired By a Bad Day https://jaiart.zenfolio.com/blog/2014/10/inspired-by-a-bad-day

Yesterday was a bad day.  To be quite honest, I felt just like the little duck in my picture "Ten Pelicans Minus One".  Small.  Insignificant.  Like I don't matter and why am I here.


And I did something I don't normally do.  I vented my frustrations on Facebook.  I felt sick about it right after, because I could feel my sales plummet.  After all, no one wants to buy from a negative person.  But here's a newsflash...just because people "appear" positive online doesn't mean they always are.  Everyone had bad days, and I had one.  And I have this bad habit of being brutally honest with the world.  So it may hurt my sales, but at least I'm true to myself.  I really do try, however, to keep my yucky thoughts to myself and just work through them alone.  After all, I don't want to spread negativity around the world.  I want my work to have a positive impact and touch those who may need it.  I want my work to bring the viewer to a place of peace and serenity, or to remind them of a fond memory.   The places I visit in nature and the birds and animals I spend most of my waking hours with are what keeps my sanity and makes me feel at peace and joyful.  That's the feeling I want to translate to the viewers.  But we all have bad days where the bad feelings just take over.


So I posted on Facebook.  And after I did, I went outside with the camera and didn't take one darn photo, but just breathed in the crisp fall air and listened to the birds sing.  To my surprise, when I came back and saw my Facebook comments (which I didn't really expect to get any!), I had received many inspiring and encouraging messages of support from some of my friends.  I re-read those messages this morning, and then I paired this underlying thought with my photograph:  No matter how small you may feel, you make a big difference in this world.  In a nutshell, that's what those who were kind and generous enough to comment said. 

Those people lifted me up, and gave to me a message I needed to hear at a time when I was having a really bad day.  They inspired and encouraged me.  And it's only fair I turn around and pass that inspiration onto the rest of the world.  After all, that's my goal...I want to bring beauty and peace and serenity and encouragement and inspiration to the world through what I do.  Thanks to the unfortunate experience of my bad day, I was reminded of my goal, and was able to get back on track.  :)



jai@jaisjewels.com (Jai Johnson | Photographic Artist) bad day encourage encouragement inspiration inspire inspired https://jaiart.zenfolio.com/blog/2014/10/inspired-by-a-bad-day Mon, 27 Oct 2014 12:23:14 GMT
Small Size Sample Prints https://jaiart.zenfolio.com/blog/2014/10/small-size-sample-prints

If you've been thinking about purchasing one of our large signed prints for your home or office and desire to see a sample of the work prior to making your investment in a signed piece, here's your chance.  We are now offering small size sample prints printed on the same fine art matte paper as our larger, signed prints.  The small size sample prints are now available for purchase on every image page (except for in our retired images category, where prints are no longer offered).  Small size sample prints correspond with the size of the original work and are available in sizes 8x10", 8x12", and 10"x10", depending on the size and orientation of the original.  All prints feature a 1" white border for matting and framing purposes.


Sample prints are unsigned, and are shipped direct to you from our studio printer.  They are priced at only $40 each (which includes shipping).  Not only do these small, sample prints provide you with a sneak peak at the quality and color of our larger, signed prints, but they make great gifts and are a perfect fit for those small spaces in your home or office!

jai@jaisjewels.com (Jai Johnson | Photographic Artist) prints sample prints small prints https://jaiart.zenfolio.com/blog/2014/10/small-size-sample-prints Sun, 26 Oct 2014 16:29:41 GMT
Updated Licensing Rates https://jaiart.zenfolio.com/blog/2014/10/updated-licensing-rates We have updated licensing rates on our website and have included purchasing for a variety of new licensing purposes, including book, CD and DVD covers, magazine covers and articles, and business advertising licensing rates.  Both non-exclusive and exclusive licensing options are available.  Once a non-exclusive license is purchased for any purpose, all exclusive licensing options for that image are removed.  Once an exclusive license option is purchased for any image, all other licensing options for that image are no longer offered.

Current Rates

Product License - Commercial Use (prints, gifts and other retail products offered for sale) $1500
Exclusive Product License - Commercial Use (once an exclusive product license is purchased for any image, all prints and other products we have made available in the market are removed from sales outlets and the image is no longer offered for sale as prints or on products.) $3000
Book Cover, CD Cover, DVD Cover License $400
Exclusive Book Cover, CD Cover, DVD Cover License (when this exclusive license is purchased, all other licensing options for the image are removed.  Prints and products we have in the market will remain, but the image will not be licensed to another company for any other purpose.) $800
Magazine Article License $300
Exclusive Magazine Article License (when this exclusive license is purchased, all other licensing options for the image are removed.  Prints and products we have in the market will remain, but the image will not be licensed to another company for any other purpose.) $600
Magazine Cover License $500
Exclusive Magazine Cover License (when this exclusive license is purchased, all other licensing options for the image are removed.  Prints and products we have in the market will remain, but the image will not be licensed to another company for any other purpose.) $1000
Business Advertising License (including non-profit businesses, organizations and agencies) $500
Exclusive Business Advertising License (when this exclusive license is purchased, all other licensing options for the image are removed.  Prints and products we have in the market will remain, but the image will not be licensed to another company for any other purpose.) $1000


We have very simple and concise licensing agreements.  Click on any license choice on any image to read the text of the agreement specific to the license.  If you would like to negotiate a different license other than what we've offered, please contact us with your proposal and be sure to include the title of the image you're interested in discussing.  Note: We are not seeking royalty-based licensing at this time.  We feel the set-fee license is simpler and eliminates excessive record keeping on everyone's part.  We do offer a discount when licensing five (5) or more images for Product Licensing at one time.  Please review any product licensing text to receive the discount code.

Licensing gives you the full resolution image to legally use for your intended purpose.  Use of our images without purchasing a license is prohibited.

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New Retailer - Crated.Com https://jaiart.zenfolio.com/blog/2014/10/new-retailer---crated-com I'd like to introduce you to the newest retailer of my fine art prints - Crated.Com.


Crated.Com offers prints, framed prints, and canvas prints in a variety of sizes for your home and office decor.  Above is a sampling shown from my galleries.  The site focuses on photography and my work fits in well.  I'm excited to be a part of this new community and hope you'll stop by and visit my galleries.

jai@jaisjewels.com (Jai Johnson | Photographic Artist) art art prints crated fine art prints new retailer prints https://jaiart.zenfolio.com/blog/2014/10/new-retailer---crated-com Sat, 18 Oct 2014 15:13:18 GMT
To Add Texture or Not? https://jaiart.zenfolio.com/blog/2014/10/texture-or-not

Someone asked me recently why some of my photos are presented with textures and some are not.  I realize presenting every photo with added textures would probably give me a definitive style, and it might help with sales.  However, I choose to let the photo decide whether a texture is appropriate or not.  Some photos call out for the addition of a texture, such as the Eastern Kingbird photo "Wishing" above.  The background behind the bird was non-existent.  White.  Blown out sky.  By adding one of my jeweled sky textures, I was able to give this little bird a beautiful background, create a mood, and give the photo more of a message to deliver rather than just a pretty bird on a branch.  

Now let's look at a different photo:

Angry SwallowAngry SwallowOne Tree Swallow expresses his anger toward another on a wooden post alongside Lake Graham in Jackson, TN. Perhaps he didn't like what was being served for dinner?


This photo was already perfect in my opinion.  There is a mood present in this piece already, and the background is pleasant and unobtrusive.  By adding a texture, it may have taken away from the strong presence of the birds and what's going on in the scene.  I actually began the photo preparation with a texture, but it begged to be left alone.


AirOBatics - Tree SwallowsAirOBatics - Tree SwallowsIt's just amazing to me the stunts these tiny birds perform in the air! I watched this pair at Lake Graham for hours. By the time I left, I was exhausted just from watching them.

This photo "AirOBatics", like the first photograph in this post, once again had a blown out white/gray sky behind the birds.  And truthfully, the shot was too dark overall.  While it's a good action shot, the detail in the birds wasn't as crisp as it needed to be due to the darkness of the original.  By adding this light gray texture, it purposefully softened the bird's features, yet still allowed the incredible action to be shown.  And it added some detail and interest to the plain boring background.


Other than being a little dark due to it being a gray October day, this photo "Pinson Mounds Eagle" was in pretty good shape.  It did ask for a little color, however, so I added a softened texture to add a touch of vibrant color into the clouds behind the eagle.


I wonder if other photographers allow their photos and subjects speak to them and say what should be done with the final photo?   Or am I the only one who has conversations with my photos? :)

jai@jaisjewels.com (Jai Johnson | Photographic Artist) add texture photo photography texture textures https://jaiart.zenfolio.com/blog/2014/10/texture-or-not Wed, 15 Oct 2014 13:43:39 GMT
Christmas 2014 Order Deadline https://jaiart.zenfolio.com/blog/2014/10/christmas-2014-order-deadline

Clouds Over the River Cove


Just a small announcement - the Christmas order deadline for this year is November 30, 2014.  All orders intended for Christmas gifts will be guaranteed to arrive before Christmas day when ordering by that date.  Orders received after that date may not be received in time for the holiday, so please make sure to order by November 30, 2014 if your signed prints are intended for holiday gifts!


Select Your Signed Prints From The Galleries Here

jai@jaisjewels.com (Jai Johnson | Photographic Artist) Christmas 2014 artist signed prints christmas order deadline signed prints https://jaiart.zenfolio.com/blog/2014/10/christmas-2014-order-deadline Thu, 02 Oct 2014 15:42:55 GMT
Autumn Art Show 2014 https://jaiart.zenfolio.com/blog/2014/9/autumn-art-show-2014


My favorite time of year is quickly approaching!  The fall season is knocking on the door here in West Tennessee.  To get in the mood and celebrate the arrival of autumn, I've been adding photos from last year.  Check out the Autumn Art Show for 2014 in this gallery dedicated to the beauty of this wonderful season.


jai@jaisjewels.com (Jai Johnson | Photographic Artist) autumn fall tennessee https://jaiart.zenfolio.com/blog/2014/9/autumn-art-show-2014 Thu, 18 Sep 2014 14:20:42 GMT
Website Updates https://jaiart.zenfolio.com/blog/2014/9/website-updates

Along with every new season comes change


I turned 50 last month.  Happy Birthday to me!  I figure -- if I'm lucky -- one half of my life is now over.  It's a milestone year...one of those pivotal moments where reflection on the past and pondering the future happen more strongly than they ever have before.  It's a time of deep thought.  For me, it's also a time of big decisions.  Decisions at age 50 are sort of like New Year's resolutions on steroids. :)


Upon reaching this milestone year, one of the decisions I've made is to enjoy life more.  And for me, enjoying life means being creative.  Which means spending time in nature and wildlife photographing the things I love.  Which means turning those photographs into splendid works of art for homes and offices around the world.  Which means interacting with people who love what I do and associating with other artists and photographers in this creative field.


It doesn't mean spending hours at the computer doing administrative work.   It doesn't mean Facebooking, pinning, tweeting, tumbling and stumbling every product with my art on it.  It doesn't mean spending hours in product design, placing every image on every product out there, and on every website.  All for very little reward.  Financially, yes, there are decent rewards.  But when my eyes are failing, my head hurts, and my back is filled with tension, those rewards seem very small.


All that being said, there's been some changes.  The first major change is we have decided to no longer offer a large variety of signed print sizes from the website.  It takes way too much time to set up, and keep it manageable and organized to justify the time spent, therefore we've opted to offer only one signed print size for each active image. Print size is dependent upon the size and orientation of the original image.  Pricing is the same for each image, and all pricing includes shipping.


Licensing options remain as is.  We offer both non-exclusive and exclusive.  And yes, they are on the expensive side, but considering the fact clients don't have to fool with reporting sales, paying numerous payments out every quarter for the time of the agreement, going back and forth on contracts, etc., we feel it's well worth it.  The licensing options offered save me and my staff time and save the client time.  And time is money.  Time is precious.  Time saved is worth a lot, especially these days when the world is churning by at a very fast pace.


The non-exclusive and exclusive licensing options are both the same with the exception that the exclusive is...well EXCLUSIVE.  This means the work is pulled from all sales outlets.  If a non-exclusive license is purchased first, the exclusive option is removed from that image and others can purchase non-exclusive rights to the same image.  Once an exclusive license for an image is purchased, the image is no longer available to anyone.  Licensees can do whatever they wish with the purchased images.  If they want to put the image on a line of greeting cards, no problem.  If they want to use the image for a book cover, they can.  If they want to produce and sell 10,000 prints in a mass retail market, that's fine.  If they want to put the image on every product imaginable and sell it everywhere, they can do that as well.  All for one low fee, no paperwork beyond the initial license purchase, no reporting requirements or check-writing.  


To make the licensing options more appealing to clients, we have decided to offer a 50% discount on our fees when (5) five or more images are selected for licensing.  After adding the chosen images to the cart and going through the first part of the checkout process, there is a coupon code box -- clients can enter the code LD50 in that box and the 50% discount will be applied.  Clients receive an email with download links.  Images can be downloaded individually, or if multiple images have been purchased, there is a link included to download all at once.


You can still purchase various print sizes and mediums (canvas, metal, acrylic, framed, etc) at the outlets listed under the BUY PRINTS button on the website menu at the top of this page.  If you want fun products and home decor with my art, check out our official licensee page on our corporate website - there's a whole list of choices there where my work is sold on various products which you may enjoy.


It's all about simplicity.  It's what I want at 50 and beyond.






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The Peacock Collection https://jaiart.zenfolio.com/blog/2014/8/the-peacock-collection Introducing The Peacock Collection

Peacock Fine Art Prints

I had the pleasure recently of visiting our local safari park and photographing a group of beautiful peafowl.  Everywhere I turned, there was another of these gorgeous birds visible through my lens.  They seemed to gravitate to the camera, as if they wanted me to showcase their beauty to the world.  So that's exactly what I've tried to do through this amazing series.


Each original photo has been paired with one of my hand painted chalk textures to create these wonderful works of colorful bird art for your home and office.  The thumbnails are shown above, but you can get up close and personal views in the Peacock Collection Gallery here.


Also, this incredible collection has been paired with uplifting, inspirational and encouraging words and is available on a wide variety of gift items.  From sweet treats to jewelry, home decor, office accessories, bathroom decor and more, you can find everything presented on one web page here!

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