Fantasy Digital Art Jewelry Designs by Jai Johnson

Before I returned to photography and art, I spent many years in the jewelry field, with a specialty in vintage costume jewelry. I was obsessed with the myriad of amazing, glitzy jewels of the past, and eventually, I turned to making my own. I left the field almost 15 years ago, simply because my vision wasn't as good for dealing with the many small stones and pearls, not to mention the many a sliced finger when doing my intricate wire work.

I've missed it though, even though I do take my unsold pieces and spend time with them every so often. As a wildlife photographer and artist, I rarely wear my jewels anymore, but I've been longing to have them in my life again, in some small way. I'm delighted to return to designing, yet in a different, more artistic method than before! I hope you enjoy my BEJEWELED designs, which are not available as jewelry, but are available as fine art and photographic prints created from my original digital art designs. ~Jai Johnson

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